My Engagement Captured by Amie Brink Photography

Apr 21, 2014


I’m getting married!!!!!

I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

I’m changing my last name to Richards! (well i will still keep McDaniel just loosing my middle name, which I have loathed since I found out what it was)

And I am sooooo excited!!! (but I guess that’s a given haha)

Phillip proposed about a week ago, and Amie Brink was able to capture it all. These two have been planning this for months. I seriously can’t believe them! I have no idea how they were able to keep it from me for so long! They lured me to Piedmont Park under the premise¬†that we were just taking some pictures. I was super stoked because Phil and I haven’t had our picture taken in a long time. Looking back on it now, I should have known something was up. Amie encouraged me to do my nails and eyebrows (super rare for me). That should have tipped me off but, I honestly thought it was just to make sure I was super cute for the pictures. And Phillip was acting a little weird. You can see in the first pictures how he looks nervous. That should have tipped me off too but it seemed normal for him to be nervous for photos. And Phillip had his hand covering his pocket the whole time. This is where he had the ring stashed, and should have been noticeable because it was box shaped. But nope, this girl over here didn’t notice a thing. So, we started taking pictures around the park. He then led me to the top of the hill, and told me to close my eyes.

When I opened them he was down on one knee.


Yep that’s still some pent up excitement. He was down on one knee! And then he asked. Apparently all i said over and over was “Is this forreal???” Eventually I mustered out a yes.

And guys, he got the ring right! I have to say I was so nervous he would choose one that wasn’t me, but alas the boy knows me well! I have been gawking at the thing since I got it. Honked at someone recently who was still sitting at the traffic light when it turned green? That was probably me gawking at my ring because I seriously can’t take my eyes off of it. Sigh, I sure I will be like this for months to come.

Expect more squeals

Expect more exclamation points!!!!

And expect random giggles because I am thinking about him.

Man life is good. Thanks so much, again, Amie!! You are the best! You guys be sure to check out more of her awesome work and her side of the story HERE


Photography by Amie Brink

  1. Kia Rene says:


    You are absolutely gorgeous and am I so glad that I get to call you not only my bad ass photographer but my friend! I’m so happy for you and Phil!

    Congrats again!!

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