Montreal Engagement Photography- Natasha + Eric

Jul 9, 2014

Hands down, the funnest engagement session ever! I laughed so hard and really got to explore a new city with these two! It was my first time in Montreal (well actually my first time out of the country) and these two were the perfect host! They showed me parts that I wouldn’t have seen as a tourist, and treated me to my first Poutine (super delish fries covered in cheese and gravy yum!) When we parted ways they gave me one of the best gifts I’ve received. It was a painting of an afro woman that Natasha had painted a few years ago. It is my soul painting. I’ve never seen a painting that was more me than this one. You’ll spot her on the walls in a bit (hint: she’s on a pink couch with an awesome yellow background) It was such a pleasure meeting you Natasha + Eric, and you guys have inspired me so much! I know your wedding is going to be ballin’! Enjoy!

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