Atlanta Engagement Photography- Leigh + Jeremy

Aug 18, 2014

I’m a crazy cat lady. I have three cats. One of them is sitting on my lap right now purring and begging for attention, while I try to type this. I also have a very awesome cat shirt on right now, no lie. So you can just imagine how excited I was to find out Leigh + Jeremy have three cats!!! And they wanted to do a shoot with there cats. Dream come true!

So I went over to their house to play with their cats We started their session out at their house, and we got to incorporate the cats. They are just the cutest! We then headed over to Roswell Mill to take some fun portraits. It was such a lovely day, but then it rained on us. Like straight up poured. It made for a really fun time, and you can always have an adventure in the the rain.¬†These two are just magical and so fun to hang out with. I can’t wait to shoot their big day!

Btw we have practically identical cats. Fate.


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