Atlanta Wedding Photography- Mallory + Karim Wedding

Jan 16, 2015


Intimate weddings have my heart.

A Practical Wedding couples have my heart.

This wedding has my heart, and I am so excited to finally post Mallory + Karim’s super intimate backyard wedding!

Truly one of my favorite weddings of 2014! There is something so sweet about keeping your wedding small, and only having your nearest and dearest there. You can truly be at ease, and really focus on the love. And of course, Mallory + Karim were a blast to work with. I felt like we knew each other for ages, and I just so happen to be there with my camera to document their special day. I was instantly excepted into the family and it was just so relaxing. They really put their personalty into their special day and it shows.  So I hope you guys enjoy!

PS. There is a really cute cat. Oh and Mallory loves loves loves octopi (just incase you were wondering about the absolutely adorable octopi pillows)

Atlanta Intimate Wedding Photographer

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