Grayton Beach Wedding Photography- Charity + Omari Wedding

Feb 11, 2015



That’s been my new favorite word recently, and is usually said when I’m really excited. So for example I would use it like “Gosh, I’m so stoked because I booked an awesome destination wedding in Mexico (true story guys, I’m going full on destination this year!) Or in the case of this amazing wedding, “Gosh, I’m so excited about Charity + Omari’s wedding, I don’t even know what to say…I don’t even know where to start”

I love beach weddings so so so much. Particularly intimate beach house weddings where all your guest get to stay in the house with you and party and celebrate your love together until the break of dawn. They are my favorite to shoot, and just overall my favorite type of wedding. I love beach weddings so much, I’m getting married on the beach myself in about a month (still in shock at how close it is eeeeekkkkk!!!)

So yeah, gosh this wedding. It is everything perfect is meant to describe. The most amazing couple. The most amazing setting. The most amazing love that you can feel right down to your bones. So enjoy that ache you feel in your bones from this wedding. You are very welcome 🙂


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