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Sep 30, 2015


I am obsessed.

Most will read that and say “sigh, Bri, what are you obsessed with now???” Because, y’all, I have a bunch of obsessions. I’m obsessed with Chipotle (#iwishiknewhowtoquityou), Texas Pete Hot Sauce, Pepsi, cats, running through the 6, Coldplay, and the list goes on. What can I say, I’m a passionate individual.

But I can truly say I am obsessed with hanging out with my couples and truly getting to know them. Like straight up addicted. I consider myself to be a story teller and I’m really trying to find a way to mesh that into my lifestyle sessions. I don’t just want to tell the story of your wedding. I really want to tell the story of you guys as a couple in love. I want to capture real moments that really feel intimate. I’m just really having a hard time believing that that can be accomplished in a few short hours in set locations just going through the poses. It takes some time. It takes me coming over and just chilling, talking, laughing, and ok some drinking too if you are into that. It takes actual hanging out. I got started with this idea with Claire + Stephen‘s engagement session. Their session really opened my eyes and showed me the way. They got me addicted to this new way of thinking. So many thanks to them! (Can’t wait for y’alls big day *squeals*)

So I’ve been experimenting and following my obsession. Kelley + Fallon so graciously allowed me to come over and hang out for a few hours and capture their love. And these two. Oh man. No words. Their love is so real. Their love makes me want to explode. Their love is so special and an amazing reminder of why I do what I do. I’m all about capturing unique love stories in a dynamic way. Thank you two so much for hanging out and letting me document your love!

Also, before we get into this session I want to tell you guys about Kelley Raye. 

Y’all. She is the bees knees. I seriously haven’t met anyone with as much energy, authenticity, and passion that she has. She’s a certified #GirlBoss and a badass photographer. Take a quick minute, check out here work HERE, then come back, sit down, and enjoy!

Wanna set up a “Hang Out” session? Hit me up at . These sessions don’t have a time limit. I’m literally willing to chill for as long as you will have me 🙂

  1. Rachael says:

    These photos are amazing! I love everything about this concept.

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