Jersey City Wedding Photography- Brittany + Ricky

Sep 1, 2017


@ Battello


It’s one of my all time favorite words. I use it as often as I can, and will drop it in any sentence (even if it doesn’t make sense…think “When in Rome”)

So it makes me explode with excitement to be able to call a wedding fortuitous, and believe me this one was.

The day before the big day the forecast called for an 80% chance of rain all day long. And it did rain. But somehow we managed to be outside at the right moments. Every time we went out for portraits we finished up seconds before the rain hit us. Literally running to the van and as soon as the door closes BAM there goes the rain. Happened to us every time we went outside. It’s like the clouds parted and the rain stopped just for them. That’s just how powerful their love is.

Add a rainbow to that day and you can truly say it was the most fortuitous wedding I have ever shot.

And I got to use that word three times correctly in a blurb. Win.

Thanks so much to Kiyah Crittendon for flying out with me and creating magic. It was truly “Once upon a December” (We saw Anastasia on Broadway together :p)

Planning: SocialLife-Event Planning and Production

Floral: Blue Jasmine Floral and Event Design 

  1. Dan Ward says:

    These are unbelievably epic! I am so jealous of where you get to shoot. That backdrop is insane – love NYC!

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